I am an avid cat lover. After many years working as a Paralegal, I have decided to take my love of cats and turn it into a career.

I currently have 5 cats of my own: Millie (a black cat with cat-titude), Rex (the badest), Streaks (aka Moochy), Lucy (little sweetie), and Saffie (blue eyed pretty girl). (RIP - Pekoe, Zoe & Thomas). All my cats were adopted from shelters and Zoe was adopted from South Korea while my husband worked there. I volunteer by fostering kittens and I have a pet first aid certificate.

As all cat lovers know, cats don’t like change and are stressed when change happens. So, let me lessen your cats stress while you can’t be there!


Ann Lariviere

Pet Sitter

contact:( 480) 845-9066